“Solar Power is not about fashion, it’s about survival.”

Sir Norman Foster

Services We Provide

Solar Power Projects

We do consulting for Industrial Solar Power Projects ranging from 1Mw to 100Mw

Solar Rooftop Systems

We do turnkey Rooftop Systems ranging from 5Kw to 500Kw


Engineering Procurement Construction

I & C

Installation and Commissioning

Best Decision You Ever Made!

No matter through traditional or any powerhouse product. Rinisis will help you to drag down the cost of your electricity utility with modernized equipment of Solar Energy.

Get rid of fluctuating rates of your electricity and know the solar energy process.

Rinisis products and solutions will power the brighter future and is standing as a pioneer in distributing the solar energy products.

Born out of innovations, one vision that you merely look after the earth for younger generation
Rinisis solar products & solutions will last for more 30 years, and is contributing a lot to reduce global warming.

On the other side look at your utility bills are very low as never before.
Rinisis residential & commercial solar panels will maintain ecological balance by harnessing the power of sun.

The sun which is the inexhaustible energy source will provide abundant power to harness and proper harnessing will drop down the utility bill for longer period. Also gain tax incentives and have control on costs.

Why To Choose Rinisis


Standing on a promise, Rinisis will lower the electricity bill by using the different energy source.


If you are moving, no issues. We help you dismantle the superstructure and reinstall.


With reduced CO2 emissions, you contribute less to global warming.


There is no upfront cost for the hardware. Make use of our pay as you go plan to avoid huge investments.

Harnessing The Power Of Nature


We undertake Turnkey Project Development from conceptualization to deployment and maintenance with a risk free experience.


Rich Experience in executing Ground and Rooftop Solar power solutions ideal to your topology, architecture, and feasibility.


With state of the art research and development, we constantly upgrade our solutions to be most nature-friendly and optimal for our clients

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